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Save Money and Energy with Window Treatments: Curtains, Drapes, Shades

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Choose window treatments to save money and energy. The appropriate choice of window coverings for your home can make a difference in your utility bills in summer and in winter. The proper selection is not just a seasonal savings, but will endure throughout the year.

If you are at the crossroads of choices for window treatments at your house, the information here may help you save money and energy. In our attempts to go green, recycle and enjoy frugal living, we have looked at window treatments with savings in mind.

Choose window treatments that cover the window area. Valances and sheers may look nice, but they do not save much energy in the summer or winter. Lightweight or partial window coverings may allow light to fade your furniture fabrics, wallpaper or artwork on the walls.

farmhouse without curtains or window covering

Select fabric window coverings that are lined. Two layers have greater insulation ability than a single layer, so if you are making a selection from fabrics, choose a heavier fabric with the backing insulation or fabric lining.

Consider your needs. If you are choosing window treatments for a bedroom and need to block the light so you can sleep in, choose block-out window treatments. These block the light, and most have good insulating qualities to save money and energy.

Remember that metal mini blinds and vertical blinds offer very little energy-saving or insulating effects. They are blinds only, and keep others from looking in your windows.

Choose lined woven woods or woven woods for some savings in energy and money. Although they are not the best money and energy savers, they are attractive and practical, and may suit your decor.

Consider heavy quilted and lined fabric window treatments for the most energy and money savings. These are attractive in the winter, and particularly attractive in country style or folk art decorated homes. They work well to insulate the windows.

With careful selection, you can choose window treatments to save money and energy, and still do interior decorating in your style.