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Retired "Cherished Teddies" Figurines for Sale"Boyds Bears," "Ivy & Innocence," "Yesterday’s Child" and More

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Enesco has sold Cherished Teddies products since 1992, with several different kinds of Cherished Teddies figurine designs by Priscilla Hillman. You may recognize Cherished Teddies as resin figurines, but Enesco also imports calendars, stuffed bears and similar products in the Cherished Teddies line.

They maintain a Cherished Teddies Club with membear exclusives and Bearographies for members. You can print an adoption certificate from the Club website as well.

Gary M. Lowenthal developed the resin series of Boyds Bears for the gift and collectibles market. There are Bear Necessities to go with the Boyds Bears and friends. In addition to the resin bears, there are plush pals and fully dressed bears, with some limited editions.

The Archive series was first developed in 1989, and these are bears, hares and other creatures that are fully jointed.

J. B. Bean & Associates are pellet-filled animals; Lead B. Bottoms series bears are filled with bbs but didn't come about until 2001.

Boyds Bears is now another Enesco product (acquired by Enesco in 2008) with Bearstones, Fashion Families and Special Editions. Boyds Bears have accessories and Christmas ornaments that go with bear figurines. Enesco maintains a Friends of Boyds Club, and Boyds has a partnership with Danbury Mint for production of quality bear collectibles.

Ivy & Innocence bears and accessories are from Cast Art Industries, and include houses to go with bear figurines. Sometimes there are people figurines along with bears. These figurines are based on the art of Susan Reader and display Victorian village collectibles from the towns of Ivy and Ivy Cove.

Retired figurines in this series are sometimes hard to find as they're not as well-known as the Cherished Teddies and Boyds Bears.

Our Cherished Teddies, Boyds Bears, Ivy & Innocence and accessories are pre-owned, purchased by a collector when the new ones became available. These are secondary market collectibles, while Enesco only sells wholesale and retail. These figurines are all in the original boxes with only minor wear from storage.

If you are interested in a wholesale price for an entire group of these bears, just email us with your interest, and we will let you know what we have available.

Just let us know what you are looking for. We can tell you from the inventory whether we have the ones you need.

Boyds Collection, Ltd. is the official site of Boyds Bears, if you're interested.

The Danbury Mint has a small collection of Boyds Bears for sale, too, if you want to see more.

Want to buy? You are welcome to pay with PayPal, money order, personal check, cashier's check, or just about anything that looks like money. Ask for an invoice. US Shipping Only.