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Doll fan quilt made of spare fabric from 1955. Close up of the doll quilt's fan pattern, back view to show the stitching.

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Quilting was a winter project for mountain folk. Grandma was a quilter and just about everyone I knew in West Virginia made quilts when I was young. Even I made a quilt when I was 8, and that was before Appalachia became a quilter's paradise.

We didn't make quilts for show -- we made them for tradition, for usefulness and to use scraps of fabric. We saved the tiniest scraps from sewing projects -- and used them all. We could look at a quilt and identify each piece of fabric as "Mary's dress" or "Grandpa's shirt." When I graduated from high school in 1965, I got a quilt from my foster Grandma and a quilt top from my maternal grandma. That was nearly 10 years before the world knew West Virginians could quilt.

After Sharon Rockefeller began to promote Appalachian artisans and The Mountain Artisans Quilting Book in 1974, West Virginia quilters were more commercial. People outside West Virginia noticed the quilted clothing, fine quilts on the beds and patchwork quilts and they were fashionable, not just practical.

This book continues to provide inspiration with patchwork and applique patterns for quilters and is available online.

15 Quilts for Today's Living Book

Are you a quilter who never has enough quilting books, magazines, ideas, information, or instructions? Do you like older quilting magazines and books, but did not buy them when they were available? We have hundreds of quilting magazines and pattern books from prior years available here through our website, in stock and ready to ship.

strip quilt vests to make Quilters World 2005 magazine

There are American Quilter and Quilter's Newsletter and Quilter's World as well as many hardcover and softcover books about quilting with patterns and lessons, information on fabric arts, colors, applique patterns and patchwork patterns, too.

Many specialty patterns published by individuals or private companies that are hard to find, and reprints from old patterns done in the 1960s and 1970s when some of these patterns became popular again are in our stock.

We have lots of patterns for clothing made from hand quilted fabrics like strip-quilted vests.

There are Christmas quilting patterns, too, including santa, trees, and quilts done in Christmas colors.

Do you have a special quilt pattern or book you are looking for? This is the place to find it, since we have an extensive inventory, and all are for sale.

Several of the pattern companies have made quilt pattern clothing like this McCall's 8354 applique quilting for a vest.

Most of these quilting patterns and books or magazines were purchased on the secondary market. They are priced to sell, and you can get a cart and make an offer on several items together, with one shipping cost.

Leslie Linsley's Night Before Christmas Craft Book Ghee's purse tote handbag strip quilting pattern

Here's a great tote or handbag for strip quilted fabrics.

There are books of Christmas crafts that include quilt patterns, too.

Just let us know what you are looking for! The link goes to 200 or more quilting and quilt books and magazines, patterns and speciality items in my iOffer store.

Remember, there are hundreds not listed, so just email us if you have quilt books you are looking for. We have a library of quilting books and patterns.

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