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Crafts ’n Things Magazines8 1/2 by 11 inch Size, About 55 pages Each

Crafts 'N Things Magazine March 1979 Crafts 'N Things Magazine August-September 1979

Crafts 'n Things magazine has entertained crafters for more than 30 years. We sell back issues of Crafts 'N Things and other crafts magazines. We've purchased this series of magazines from 1979 through 1991 and have issues available for resale. Our issues are in good condition and do not smell of smoke or perfume. We're allergy-prone so we keep all books and magazines in climate-controlled storage so they aren't musty.

Each issue of Crafts 'n Things has a variety of crafts projects. We read articles about fabric crafts like quilting, sewing and cross-stitch, but these magazines have mosaic table and tile crafts, scrapbooking crafts, greeting cards and stamping, projects for the home and projects suitable for children. Issues with unusual jewelry crafts such as enameling on metal, fused glass or beadmaking reveal techniques and information you can't find elsewhere.

Back issues we have available are:

1979 Issues Available:

  1. March 1979
  2. April 1979
  3. May 1979
  4. June July 1979
  5. August September 1979
  6. October 1979
  7. November December 1979

1980 Issues of Crafts 'n Things:

  1. March April 1980
  2. Summer 1980
  3. August September 1980
  4. October 1980
  5. November December 1980

Crafts 'N Things, November 1983 issue cover.

These magazines have some quilt patterns, cross-stitch, dough art, sock toys, net darning and some great older crafts. There are Christmas crafts, teddy bears, ornaments, santas, tree skirts and candles. There is a crocheted dachschund in December 1982 and some animal appliques.

1981 Crafts 'n Things Issues:

  1. March April 1981
  2. Summer 1981
  3. August September 1981
  4. October 1981
  5. November December 1981

Crafts 'n Things for 1982 include:

  1. January February 1982
  2. March April 1982
  3. Summer 1982
  4. August September 1982
  5. October 1982
  6. November December 1982

Crafts 'N Things, November 1989 issue.

We have most of 1983 Crafts n Things Magazines, including the one with the wheat weaving chess set.

We have 1984 issues along with the 1985, 1986 and 1987 issues. We only have one issue from 1988, but have all of 1989.

Crafts 'n Things for 1991 include:

  1. January 1991
  2. February 1991
  3. March April 1991
  4. May June 1991
  5. July August 1991
  6. September 1991
  7. October 1991
  8. November 1991
  9. January 1992

The 1989 magazines have more pages, with most having about 96 pages in 8 1/2 x 11 inch magazine format.

We sell these magazines at $7.99 plus $3 to ship and will send you a PayPal invoice if you want.

These magazines do not smell of smoke or perfume and have some wear but are not abused. We bargain on multiple issues and are pleased to combine shipping for multiple items. We ship only in the USA.

Contact us if you are interested in any of these Crafts 'n Things magazines or any other merchandise we may have available. We have crafts for sale in our iOffer Store. Get a cart and make an offer if you find several items you like.

Crafts 'N Things maintains a website for current subscriptions that has some free tutorials and projects. You can find the current information at

For some practical applications, see my blog at