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Western Spotted Orbweaver Pictures and Information(neoscona oaxacensis)

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Western Spotted Orbweaver and web outside house

This beautiful spider has constructed the largest spider web we have ever seen, just before Halloween on October 14, 2009. This looks fat like a female but may be the male, and it is a brown color with spots on the legs and spots on the top and underside of the body.

Texas critters spider Western spotted orbweaver

The web is vertical, with a center white spot, and it is tied to bushes. When we took some close up photos, the spider scrambled up into a leafy area of the tree, just to return again later to continue weaving the orb.

This Texas spider has the typical black cross with white squares on the ventral side, and brown markings on the back.

Texas Spiny Lizard Close-up photo of the Western Spotted Orbweaver

We are not authorities on Texas critters, but are always interested in them. The Texas spiny lizard lives close to this spider, and if he could figure out how to get to it, it would likely be gone.

You can watch this beautiful spider at work in the late evening in this video Youtube: Texas Spider Orbweaver at Work.

spider web Texas spiders critters orbweaver

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