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500 Delicious Salads Cookbook from Culinary Arts Institute Softcover 1940

Cajuns were quiet residents of southern Louisiana for years, enjoying life along the bayou, going "up de bayo" or "down de bayo" for food from the land. The Cajuns had a penchant for superstition, and Marie LeVeau's reputation as voodoo queen was exposed in songs, particularly one written by Shel Silverstein and sung by Bobby Bare in 1974. Only later was the public exposed to Cajun food and recipes.

Here's my confession: I wasn't raised a Cajun. I grew up in West Virginia where the hillbillies are reported to eat rattlesnake after they use them for the Sunday worship service. I never saw that in my 21 years in West Virginia, but when I visited Cajun country in 1969, I recognized another area of the country with a reputation.

We moved to Louisiana and used the next 13 years wisely learning the cooking and customs. I've spent the last 25 years using the recipes and the living with the Cajun spirit and humor every day. You can read more of our articles about Cajuns here.

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