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Over 100 Vintage and Newer Gardening Books for Sale

Green Gardening book cover: "Perennials Garden: Color Harmonies Through the Seasons" by Jeff and Marilyn Cox.

When we lived in Louisiana, Edwin Edwards was governor, known for his wit and flamboyance. His bodyguard for years was Clyde Vidrine, until Clyde accused Edwards of taking money from South Korean businessman, Tongsun Park. After that, Edwards had a few words to say about Clyde, and to paraphrase one of his comments: if you wanted to hide something from Clyde, just put it between the pages of a book.

The pages of the books we sell have mostly usable information, crafts patterns, gardening techniques, woodworking instructions and recipes. We have so many books, we've divided the pages. You can read about cookbooks or find quilting books. We also have plastic canvas magazines and Crafts 'n Things magazines.

Cover of "Critters: Common Household And Garden Pests of Texas" by Bill Zak.

We landscape and maintain a yard in the Texas heat, and have bought gardening books to read and to resell over the years. We have gardening books containing tips and techniques for your vegetable garden, your flower beds, and your indoor plants – over a hundred books available for sale, and many more to list.

There are fun books from Texas like Bill Zak's "Critters"(iOffer link).

We love gardening and yard work, landscaping our own yard, and have spent years reading and learning about it.

Are you interested in a specialty garden, like herbs? You can plant these with your flowers, in your flower beds, or use many like oregano as a ground cover. Scented geranium is splendid in a container, and red basil grows easily in Texas heat. Mel Bartholomew's "Square Foot Gardening: A New Way to Garden in Less Space with Less Work" may work for you, too.

Fountain for birds and animals surrounded by red basil and other plants.

A little water for the birds in a backyard fountain attracts the birds all year, but especially in the summer heat.

The background in this photo of our yard shows red basil, a common herb that has beautiful leaves like coleus. These are white-wing doves.

Cover of "Making Things Grow: A Practical Guide for the Indoor Gardener"

We sell books on indoor plants, too. "Making Things Grow" is available in hardcover and paperbound format.

Cover of "Peter Chan's Magical Landscape"

We are also interested in landscaping, and have many books available.

Do you have a special gardening book you are looking for? This is the place to find it, since we have an extensive inventory, and all are for sale.

Just let us know what you are looking for! We may have it! We have many books available and ready to ship, many not listed.

All of these books are used but in good condition from a smoke free home, purchased on the secondary market. They are priced to sell. Many books are $9.99 plus shipping.

Remember, there are many not listed, so just email us if you have something you are looking for. More gardening books at our iOffer store.

Want to buy? You are welcome to pay with PayPal, money order, personal check, cashier's check, or just about anything that looks like money. Ask for an invoice. US Shipping Only.